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Establishing A Foundation For Your Growth In Sales


The Sandler Sales Mastery Foundations program is a complete overview of the Sandler Selling System delivered over a 10-week cycle. The Foundations Program is designed to provide an understanding of basic skills, techniques, and behaviors needed to improve sales performance.


Every successful professional or business starts with laying a solid foundation of skills & traits

Other professions are consistently honing their skills and so should salespeople. This program will help you broaden your selling scope, brush up your skills, and/or set a new foundation from which to start. We will cover one topic per session addressing the ins and outs of concepts that will take you to the next level. In addition to having your trainer by your side, you will also have the opportunity to network and hear from other professionals in the program. These sessions will lay the groundwork to deliver attitudes and techniques that are critical to success in a career in sales through specialized training.

Why have a proven selling system?

A selling system guides you through the process by which you develop an opportunity from start to finish whether that finish is closing the sale or closing the file.

A selling process is a series of actions that is directed at achieving an end

  • It defines how you get something done.
  • A defined process is a course of action that leads to a decision about a sale.
  • A system provides the order of specific actions