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Increase conversations—increase sales

Spend your valuable pay-time talking to prospects, not dialing and waiting.

Did you know traditional outbound lead reps average less than 50 dials per day?

Chances are you spend too much time trying to reach your intended contacts, and not enough of it in actual sales conversations.

ConnectAndSell Sample

Do you or your sales team struggle to...

  • Make enough new calls to hit your goals?
  • Have more conversations with less effort?
  • Blend your warm and cold calls?
  • Find the time to make prospecting calls?
  • Respond faster than the competition?
  • Identify low performing reps, scripts, or lists?
  • Create a playbook with the best of the best?

The ConnectAndSell solution will help you...

  • Spend more time actually selling and less time dialing.
  • Build, enhance and mine your database of contacts.
  • Follow up on leads on time, every time.
  • Update your contacts and activity records on the fly.
  • See benchmarks and productive reports for each salesperson.

Spend prospecting pay-time actually talking to prospects

The ConnectAndSell solution combines best-in-class technology and a human touch to provide conversations quickly and offer a seamless transition from the auto-dialer to your conversation. It includes a global network of highly trained agents who will work as your virtual assistants; navigating gate keepers, IVR's, phone trees and other obstacles to talk time on your behalf. ConnectAndSell agents never speak to your prospect. Once your prospect says "hello", you are injected into the conversation in a fraction of a second.

ConnectAndSell Dashboards

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